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Aviation Australia Brisbane

Your career in the sky awaits… Aviation Australia could make your career, as a pilot or flight attendant, happen. The sky is the limit.

Socialising with other students and getting involved in a new community can make the biggest difference while studying. Finding a place to live that is easily accessible by public transport may be the only option for you if you are an international student or from out of state.

Aviation Australia is a top, registered training organisation who supports the development and growth of aviation and aerospace industries in both Australia and international. A lot of students who study at Aviation Australia choose to stay at Uniresort because of the dynamic range of restaurants, bars and the accessibility to public transport to and from the Aviation Australia campus.  If you are planning to study at Aviation Australia or want to live near the action, Uniresort has great student accommodation in Brisbane.


Our values promote teamwork as an integral part to everything we do and characterises our relationships with our co-workers and customers. We strive for unselfish cooperation in the workplace, regardless of our business unit affiliation, area of expertise or responsibilities, accountabilities and delegated authority. We communicate openly and solve problems in a collegiate manner, share ideas and take advantage of the diversity of each other’s knowledge and experience.


We work hard to deliver high quality results, to do our job to the best of our ability and take pride in our achievements. We remain sensitive to the needs of our customers and co-workers and are ready to respond when needed. We are committed to Aviation Australia and the ideals of our profession and constantly seek to improve our work performance.


We strive to the highest standards of quality in all our personal and business activities. We are recognised worldwide for the quality of our training and we will never compromise this. Our customers and stakeholders appreciate the importance that is placed on this value and respect us for our high ideals and standards.


We are open to new ideas and strive to identify and implement better ways of doing business. We are wise and make best use of the resources we have to do the job. We are encouraged in sensible risk taking and strive to identify opportunities to eliminate inefficiency and waste.

( Please note that Uniresort is located on Tryon Street, in Mount Gravatt. This page is for informative purposes and to show the location of this institution in relation to the Uniresort Student Accommodation ).
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