University of Queensland

Thinking of studying at UQ?

Uniresort is just a short bus ride away from Queensland’s biggest University.

  • The University of Queensland in St Lucia has its own bar called the Red Room. Open 7 days a week with special events and deals all the time, it is a great place to eat and drink.
  • Brisbane City is only a short bus ride away, where you can shop and eat from an extensive range of establishments.
  • The Regatta Hotel is also in St Lucia. An iconic pub and restaurant, this is a favourite among students for big events and drinks after a long day at uni.
  • St Lucia is also home to a variety of art galleries, museums, theatres and sports facilities.

( Please note that Uniresort is located on Tryon Street, in Mount Gravatt. This page is for informative purposes and to show the location of this institution in relation to the Uniresort Student Accommodation ).

About the UQ area

The St. Lucia and surrounding suburbs of the University has a fantastic community feel.

For many, part of the fun of studying is living near uni and socialising with other students. It’s about getting into the community and finding friends who have similar interests and lifestyles. Finding a place to live near where you study is may also be the only option for you if you are an international student or from out of state.

One of Queensland’s most popular tertiary education providers, the University of Queensland, has lots of students who live near campus. The area is filled with great restaurants, bars and all the essentials students need. If you are planning to study at UQ or want to live near the action, Uni Resort has great student accommodation in Brisbane.

Just as the name suggests, Uni Resort is like living in a resort! We offer a range of high quality rooms, have fantastic facilities, including a pool and outdoor gym, offer wireless internet and provide parking spaces for tenants. We also host events and activities to keep you on track with your studies and get you out and about on your days off!

At Uni Resort, we understand how important it is to save money, which is why we offer affordable rates for all tenants. If you are looking for cheap student accommodation near Brisbane, Uni Resort is the place to be. And with public transport close by, taking less than half an hour to get to the university or Brisbane’s CBD, there is no better place to be. Studying or looking at starting a course with UQ? For student accommodation near the University, look no further than Uni Resort.

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